Disability - $500/wk

lMembership costs to join the association start at $17.95 per month.
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Accidental Temporary Total Disability (ATTD) – Accident Only
Elimination period: 14 days.
Benefit period: Up to 52 weeks.
Occupation: Regular occupation
Benefit amount: $250 or $500 per Week

No Coordination of Benefits

Pays regardless of any other coverage or salary continuation plans in place. Workers Compensation, SSDI or other DI will not reduce this ATTD benefit.


This WBA plan is NOT AVAILABLE to residents of Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah or Washington.

Effective Date

Membership will not go into effect until the 1st of the month following my enrollment date (unless you enroll on the 1st).


Very easy to cancel the membership. Just notify WBA in writing of your wishes 30 days in advance.