SEDERA- Alternative to high cost of health insurance

SEDERA: It is no secret that the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed.  

People are frustrated with the lack of affordability, access, and transparency, but who said insurance is the only way to deal with medical costs? That is where Sedera comes in. Together, we are building a new kind of community, one centered on healthy living and sharing the cost of medical care. In doing so, we are able to provide a high-end healthcare experience, delivering tremendous value for Members and their families.

With Medical Cost Sharing there is not a provider network. There is not an insurance company coming between you and your doctor. You share medical funds with like-minded people and receive premium care, through an organization run with compassion.

Inspired by today’s sharing economy, Sedera offers a refreshingly different approach to manage large healthcare expenses. 

Sedera members commit to a healthy lifestyle and sharing one another’s medical burdens. 

In doing so they are able to save on cost without compromising the quality of care.

Leave the hassles of insurance behind and enjoy:
• Freedom from Networks
• Price Transparency
• Significantly Lower Costs
• Caring Community

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